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термос Pigeon da72/da73

2) термос Pigeon da72/da73

Цена: 696.00 RUR.

термос Pigeon da45/47

3) термос Pigeon da45/47

Цена: 876.00 RUR.

Термометр Pigeon 10232

4) Термометр Pigeon 10232

Цена: 796.00 RUR.

Internationalisation  of People Names

5) Internationalisation of People Names

If a system does not possess the ability to capture, store, and retrieve people names, according to their cultural requirements, it is less likely to be accepted on the international market. . Internationalisation of people names could prevent a person’s name being lost in a system, avoiding

Цена: 5371.00 RUR.

Термометр Pigeon

6) Термометр Pigeon

Цена: 1186.00 RUR.


7) Pulses

A pulse (Latin 'puls', from . Greek '??????' - poltos, 'porridge') is an annual leguminous crop yielding from one to twelve seeds of variable size, shape, and color within a pod. . Pulses are used for food and animal feed. . The term 'pulse', as used by the . Food and . Agricultural .

Цена: 6426.00 RUR.

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